HINO-TEC expands the heat exchangers' production, manufature, sales and possibilities of exhaust heat energy with our heat exchanging technology.
TEL:06-6461-4451 FAX:066461-6674
TEL:06-6461-4451 FAX:066461-6674
Seek exhausted heat energy

Since its establishment in 1949, HINO-TEC CO., LTD. has devoted its efforts
to researching energy conservation devices and the recovery of exhaust heat
for over 70 years, as a designer, a manufacturer, and a general maker of heat exchange
devices,which are tube-type, glass-tube-type and all finned tube-types.

Our products are used at following scenes.
Clean Air
   In consideration of
   environment by
Clean Earth
   At the garbage
   disposal plants in
   clean centers.
For Health
   At the household
   and industrial
   sewage plant.

Our Products

Plate heat exchanger
Tube Heat exchanger
Dust Removing Device for Tube Heat Exchanger
Radiation Heat Exchanger
Shell-and tube Heat Exchanger
Finned-tube heat exchanger
Overheat steam heat exchanger
Hot Air Generator
Other Heat Exchanger

Heat exchanger Hino-Tec
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